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Topographic Map Worksheet Pdf. •from each mark, indicate the vertical height with a dot on a scale. The map reading guide is an ideal resource for a wide range of map users and is an excellent and simple introduction to topographic maps which are suitable for

Red River Contours Worksheets Answers
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•place a folded sheet of paper along the line. Topographic map reading practice worksheet use this map to answer the questions below. Find the hill that rises steeply on one side and more smoothly on the other.

Topographic Map Reading Practice Worksheet Use This Map To Answer The Questions Below.

In which direction is the stream flowing? •draw a line between the two points bounding the desired profile area. Topographic maps worksheet #1a l1 4 discussion 1.

Using A Measuring Cup, Add 1/2 Cup Of Water To The Basin.

Why do we know it is less than 120 feet? What is your height above sea level? Enter data from your contour map in the table below:

In What Direction Would You Be Walking?

Check your landform design with your instructor. Show elevation above sea level using contour lines. Place the landform inside the plastic container.

•Mark Each Contour Line Intersecting The Paper.

Place a transparency sheet on top of the container. •connect the height dots with a smooth line. Illustration of man made and natural.

Explain Your Answer, Stating The Elevations At Point X And Point Y.

Which side of lookout hill has the steepest slope? Topographic map worksheet from activity sheet #4, page 2. 900 900 contour interval = 10 meters 000 h.