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Switching To A Vegan Diet
| LA Fashion Judge

Article by Gabriela Wells

I really love how I feel now that I don’t eat meat anymore. I’ve wanted to cut it out of my diet for a long time and after a few months of deliberating I finally made the change. Cutting meat out isn’t for everyone and there are benefits either way. I always suggest educating yourself on nutrition. The more you learn the better choices you’re able to make to feed your body.

Now, I get so much more creative with my meals. Before I was just concerned with putting some type of protein and carbohydrate on my plate and I would forget about vegetables. Now, I add vegetables to all my meals and I even juice in the morning.

Photo: Gabriela Wells
Photo: Gabriela Wells

Almost all the savory recipes I share can be whipped up in 20-30 minutes, some in less than 10 minutes, like my Couscous Breakfast Bowl and Tomato & Feta Spring Salad with Couscous. And if you need lunch or dinner for a few days, just make a bigger portion. Leftovers are delicious, especially those with vegetables. I find they have even more flavor the next day.

The bottom line is that no matter if you eat meat or not, educate yourself. You can even start by reading a few healthy recipes everyday and you’ll see that in no time you’ll be in the kitchen cooking up healthy and delicious meals!


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