Sweet Treats Cotton Cart

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Sweet Teats Cotton Candy

Sweet Treats Cotton Candy is a mobile confectionery cart serving sweetly spun sugar to all types of events in the Los Angeles areas and the San Fernando Valley.

Sisters, Narine and Marine Khachakyan, are the masterminds behind Sweet Treats and they love cotton candy just as much as their customers. But it’s not just the taste, or how it melts in your mouth that made them start their own catering business, it’s all about the fun!

Nothing is more fun then digging your fingers into the fluffy clouds of colored sugar and pulling it apart piece by piece. It’s the nostalgia of cotton candy that brings you back to the times as a child when you watched flying acrobats dancing through the skies under the circus big top, or the excitement of being at the fair and enjoying the Ferris wheel after a long day of winning over sized stuffed animals.

It is the magic of such an old tradition that Narine and Marine have captured in their cart.

Visit www.sweettreatscottoncandy.com

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