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Self Care Tips For Busy Moms

Article by  Dr Regine Muradian

It can be challenging to deal with work, taking care of house-chores, homework and activities. We have all heard the common saying, “lately I feel like a chauffeur, I am so tired, overwhelmed and/or there is no time for me!” The question I often get is, “How do you stay so balanced and manage everything?” Personally being a mother of three can be overwhelming and presents its challenges daily. However organization and self-care is key to survival, happiness and success.

Nowadays, most companies push and educate their employees daily on tips for self-care. It is like a constant reminder, which we do not take seriously enough. Each person has their own preference for self-care, whether it is dancing, yoga, taking a belly dancing class, working on your hobby, playing music or singing. One hour of self care per day is all you need to recharge. If we want our children to be consistent in what they do whether it is a sport, sticking to a schedule, staying focused and/or be dedicated, we need to role model these exact behaviors.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Each Sunday create a schedule for the week (I prefer white boards so you can get your children involved as well. Place in a visible place for the entire family.)
  2. Wake up before your children this is the best time for your self care especially if you are a working mom. I usually wake up at 5am daily and I have noticed a dramatic change on how smooth the morning routine goes.
  3. Whether you are staying home or going to work make yourself feel beautiful.
  4. Empower your kids to work independently on their homework or chores. Its summer now so pull out those summer workbooks and assign about 3-4 pages a day to keep them stimulated.
  5. For all parents what to eat and cooking can be challenging as well. When you are working on the weekly schedule have the kids get involved in the menu. If they feel in control of the decision-making they will eat!


At the end of the day if you feel beautiful, healthy and happy internally you will be a better parent and glow with positivity. Please send any questions or comments.

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