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One-on-One Interview with Fashion Designer Erik Rosete 2015

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One-on-One Interview


Fashion Designer Erik Rosete 2015


Article by Maurice Dwayne Smith

“From 0 to Hero”, seemingly overnight, Erik Rosete and the Whitaker dynamic duo sisters are changing Los Angeles into A New Age Mecca of Art through fashion. Out with the old and in with the new,  as if ripping the very fabric  of the sky apart and ushering in a new age, not quite like the dawn of Aquarius, here comes, the new cultural artistic bloodline. It is a rush to judgement, LA Fashion Week style, telling their stories, sharing it to the world through fashion. These new young guns, are taking power and reshaping fashion and the way that we see the future?

Much like the 1970’s Jackson 5 hit  song, “The Young Folks” which said … “Here we come and we’re so alive,  We’re here for business buddy and don’t want no jive,  Brighter tomorrow is in our eyes,  You better make a way for the young folks,  Ooh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”, Rosete, The founder of Art Hearts Fashion and designing genius of Mister Triple X along with Erin and Sarah Whitaker, co-founders of Parker Whitaker Productions –collectively very, very young– are taking the fashion world by storm.

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Photo // Ken Alcazar

And in doing so with talented flair, style and a powerful swagger,  whose consequences are not only changing the way that we see fashion,  reshaping and touching  lives of all that are exposed to it, but also obliterating the once boring consciousness of LA Art and morphing it into the art capital of the Nation; It is a power move which,  as Rosete says, “Is a sharing dynamic which gives  designers, a platform for  telling their story”.

I asked Rosete how New York Fashion Week was, as he and the Whitaker sisters had just returned amidst much fanfare, their power base growing and the art world pulsing with their success.

Photo // Rhyan Reyes

Rosete:  Yeah I just got back from New York Fashion week where we were the biggest show, and the closing Show in New York ‘s Mercedes   Benz Fashion Week. We’re here in Los Angeles at The W Hotel, where we’re kicking off Los Angeles Fashion Week. We’ll be doing 4 days of fashion shows with over 30  designers at Taglyan Cultural Complex of Hollywood, featuring the biggest designers on the West Coast; Sue Wong, Nicole Miller, Hill Bob. We’ve actually taken over all of Fashion Week. We’ve taken over Project Ethos, Rock that Fashion making this the largest fashion platform in Los Angeles. because everyone has ben complaining about Los Angeles fashion and it being too spread out. So what we are doing is bringing it all together. That’s where we’re at now. So it is going to be really cool and we’ll have a good time in the process.

Maurice: “The Whitaker sisters have helped you and produce your show,” I asked in seeking insight into this fashion genius’ modus operandi, “just exactly does Sarah and Erin do for you?”.

Rosete:  Yeah the Whitaker sisters? Oh yeah those are my girls. It’s very difficult to work with a very good team and I’ve been blessed from by God for bringing me them because at any event it is all about your team. Your team is  always the weakest link. I have a really strong support system right now and I’m really happy with everything that’s going on right now and happy with the people who I am working with and those girls are my rock! So I am very happy about everything.

Maurice: What’s the main reason for your success?

Rosete:  Being able to share my stage and being able to make it about a good cause and being able to being able to make it about the designers and the art. So many people in this industry are very selfish and very greedy. They don’t know how to share their stage and make it  about everybody else. I’ve always been very adamant  about the team and making it about everyone involved. Everyone can tell their story by making it a collective story and that’s why we’re all here; To tell one big story. We’re all good.

I then queried whether fashion and art was changing in Los Angeles and Rosete explained and magnified the dynamics of any changes when Rosete said, “ Yeah absolutely, LA Fashion  has taken  a big change. Tom Ford has been showing  here. Art Heart Fashion is now taking over four different fashion platforms and we’re making it one big cohesive Fashion week because that’s what everyone has been asking for. People have been  scared, very timid about LA fashion because it’s always been in a million different places in a month. So what we did was we brought  all of the different fashion platforms together and hooked them up all under my umbrella and made a really good story and told it in a really good way. Art Heart’s fashion is the #1 show in the nation. We were the closing show for New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, over a thousand people come to our shows and now we’re here in LA and  we’ve brought it all together and we’re really having a really good time. So fashion should be a party. And I tell all my friends let me tell my sexy fashion story and that’s what I’m doing. And I want everyone to do the same thing.”

Photo // Jeff Linett

The provocative line entitled “Mister Triple X” needed explanation and Rosete was quick to illuminate my understanding. He said, “Mister Triple X has been around for 2 years but it’s always been around. I just decided to coin it like 2 years ago.  What I did was I was working fashion with a lot of designers telling their story so I decided to tell my own story; So I called it Mister Triple X and It just took off. Here we are. Heart’s been around the same amount of time.From 0 to Hero in no time baby.”

i-zntrGsQ-2856x1904art hearts fashion red carpet erik rosete la fashion judge
Photo // Rhyan Reyes

“The Whitaker sisters were working for the other fashion platforms in LA”, explained Rosete, in response to my question of what was the catalyst for his work and where was he before the phenomenal explosion of Art Hearts on the fashion scene. “I came on board, I was working the New York Fashion Week, and I came to LA,” explained Art Hearts Fashion founder, “I really appreciated their work ethic. They were very hard and strong workers, and very passionate about what they did. And a lot of the other workers that I was working with acted like they just didn’t care, like they thought it was a joke. But the Whitaker sisters really took it to the next level. So when I decided  to make my fashion week a really important staple in LA fashion I contacted them. I made them my partners, my producers and the responsible ones for what I was doing because I thought that they were the only one’s capable of being responsible enough to handle the type of project that I had brought to Los  Angeles. They are the people who I trusted enough to care for my baby were The Parker Whitaker sisters –because they are responsible, care and really know that they are doing.

Maurice: Have you  ever got any formal training at prestigious art or designing schools?

Rosete: No. I just really cared and wanted to be apart of fashion and just decided to create my on thing…I dunno, I didn’t go to any fashion schools. I just created it on my own in my own head so that I could tell my story.

Upon further questioning Rosete explained that his creativity is inspired out of a deep ideology to get his story told. He explained as such: “What inspires me is creativity and art and just basically being able to tell your own story in what you do. I make fashion my own story, my own story line. It’s just a fun journey I’ve been doing for the last two years. I’ve just been blessed and honored to be able to do it. at the end of the day we should  all tell our own story but do it for a good cause. We should be  able to give back by being able to share our stage. That’s what I’m doing here and that’s what Art Heart is all about. I am really happy that it’s all come together.

Maurice: Just what distinguishes your brand, and sets it apart?

Rosete: We are a smooth, edgy sophisticated streamline  brand that is part of a big movement. It’s about bringing people together for  a good cause by showing cool fashion. Most of the other producers and designers put on Ralph Loren  and Calvin Klein–boring stuff–on the fashion scene. Y’know people see fashion everyday. When you walk down the street you see fashion. what we’re doing is  celebrating the art of fashion and making it different.; Making it about what it is to be the root of fashion, then making it a special occasion and making people excited about celebrating that we’re all here to celebrate the art of fashion, the art of clothing, the art of everything–that’s why we’re here.’

Maurice: Erick who’s has made the biggest impact on your life and inspires you?

Rosete: The biggest impact on my life and the biggest  motivation in my life has always been my mother. My momma has always been everything to me. She’s always been the one to show me what’s wrong, how my hair should look. And no mater what, no matter how many arguments we get into we’re all bred from our mothers. Our moma’s always know what’s best. Everything that I do in my life is to repay her for everything she has done for me. And I don’t give a whatever or what anyone thinks. I would love to live my life to repay her for all she done to me.

Maurice: Erik, When you create  your designs is there anything special you do, such as quietness or anything?

Rosete: When I create my stuff I shut all the noise out. Lock myself in a room in my office and just put out  different concepts and designs in my head and  put it all together. I think that all fashion shows should tell a story. And so what I do is just kinda feel out what is going on the world. So like this season I did Alice in Wonderland. The stories and tv  shows that are  gong on are like “Once upon a Time” and “100”. And all of the different  shows on tv were about telling the story of being lost in the wilderness. So I incorporated that in my shows. I wanted to tell an Alice in Wonderland story. And that’s what I did. Every designer tells their own story through fashion and I just didn’t want it to be boring. Anyone can put any old thing down the runway. I wanted to make something cool and fun. and have a good time.

Maurice: Well, it most certainly looks like you’re doing that, how did you and Marina BerBeryan meet though?

Rosete: I was just hanging out and I saw her work. I love her writing. I am a fan of hers.  Finally, The thing about Art Hearts is it is about every element and everything including the producer, designer, and every piece.

Photo // Vincent Chavez

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