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Lebanese Fashion Designer Fouad Sarkis Talks About His Career In An Exclusive Interview | LA Fashion Judge

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Fouad Sarkis
Talks About His Career In An Exclusive Interview
| LA Fashion Judge


Article by Maurice D Smith


Maurice S: It is an honor to interview you and feature you in LA Fashion Judge! Your designs are as an experience much like seeing Niagara Falls –speechless! How have you acquired such a skill that seems to almost scream your name without even looking at the name tag on the work?
Fouad S: It is actually an honor for me to hear this. Thank you! It’s a talent, we are born with it, it grows inside of us, but it is there from the very start.

Maurice S: Are you the first designer to start as early as 12 years old? How in the world does one do that? Did a family member tell you to start drawing and to release a clothing line as most 12 years old are playing with toys or watching TV? In 2001 there wasn’t the technology that there is now so, how did you market it and get it into the hands or vicinity of Sherihan, the entertainer?
Fouad S: Well, as I said above, I believe that talent is there at birth. I just discovered it early and loved it at a young age. I was there with a piece of fabric playing and having fun when the rest were with video games and toys. It was my pleasure as a child and as an adult. And maybe this is what got me at a very early age to Sheridan and other famous stars, my motivation attracted them.


Maurice S: Who are your designing heroes or are you an original and got your inspiration from yourself or family or from any other higher power?
Fouad S: Everyone gets inspired by the world around us. I use two elements in my designing process, the nature around me and the icons I count in the fashion history. Thierry Mugler, I think is one of the biggest icons.

Maurice S: I notice that you work with both artists of Muslim and Christian faiths. Does that ever cause you any conflicts within your contacts or demographics anywhere in the world?
Fouad S: I was raised in a background of no religion. We never had it regardless of all the history of Lebanon’s religious conflicts.



Maurice S: Do you like flying?
Fouad S: Who doesn’t like it. The real question is, who can fly?

Maurice S: How did you meet Nkechi Harry Ngonadi (NHN) and when did you realize that Nigeria may be a gold mine?
Fouad S: In September of 2014, we attended the show in Nigeria and there she was laughing, with a very great positive energy. She is an iconic woman. Actually, all areas are gold mines when stylish and fashion lovers exist.

Maurice S: How far in advance do you plan ahead for your Fashion Week collaborations?
Fouad S: We plan around six month ahead of time. It’s always important to know where you are going.

Maurice S: Who are the people that you rely on for PR, marketing or manage your social media?
Fouad S: We have an internal team managing all details of marketing and social media. We do not outsource such issues as believe that our image is only in our hands to make.

Maurice S: Why do your drawings look so alive and visually creative, as if one is looking at a painting?
Fouad S:

  It is called Art. Has no title, no limits, and no rules. It is simply art.


Maurice S: What is your favorite texture to work with?
Fouad S: I love the silky fabrics that fly with the wind easily.

Maurice S: Do you prefer working with any particular shape or height of women? Also, why do you choose to create clothes for women only? Are there any plans for urban street wear in your drawing future?
Fouad S: I do not design to impress, I design to create. I want every woman to step inside of my dress and find a new self-there. No particular shape or height, size is not an issue for me.

It is her daring character that gets her to wear my dress, nothing else.


Maurice S: How does your family feel about your work and was there a huge push from them into the business from them?Fouad S: Of course, family’s support is the first thing I received as a child wanting to enter the world of fashion. They helped me in all means. My mother still follows around me tiding my room like no one else can. She knows how I like my environment and how I envision my work place.

Maurice S: Where in the Los Angeles, USA, we can find your collection for sale?
Fouad S: You can find our collection available at MNM COUTURE located in Los Angeles. You can visit their website on to view stores holding Fouad Sarkis Dresses in the USA region.


To view Fouad Sarkis Runway Report of his Spring – Summer 2016 Collection click HERE.

LA Fashion Judge – Marina BerBeryan wearind Fouad Sarkis Couture while judging a fashion show. Special shout out to MNM Couture!



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