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LA Events: Carmen Electra Hosts Genlux Magazine Fashion And Charity Event | LA Fashion Judge

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Carmen Electra Hosts Genlux Magazine
Fashion And Charity Event

| LA Fashion Judge

Photo // Mikhail Urubkov



Article by Svetlana Krapivina

The style icon, model and superstar Carmen Electra hosted the amazing charity and fashion event that was featured to celebrate GENLUX magazine Fall Issue on August 22, 2015 in Laguna Hills, C.A.. Not to mention, you can now see her on the cover page of the magazine’s latest issue. The purpose of the event was to benefit En Plein Air, Dr. Katherine Lee’s charity. Dr Lee is also the founder of Halcyon Dermatology, the event sponsor. The fashion show was featured by the talented designers David Meister and SK Kimono and the performance of jazz singer Courtney Fortune.

Carmen looked beautiful and immaculate in her long dress as she stepped on the red carpet that evening.


Photo // Mikhail Urubkov
Photo // Mikhail Urubkov

We all remember Carmen singing “I Like It Loud” and “Werq” and starring in Disaster Movie (2008) along with Kim Kardashian. It was not a surprise to see her at the event since she is also involved in charity supporting campaigns like Elevate Hope Foundation and many others. Damian De Langeron, Ambassador for Midnight Mission and Shriners Hospital, said he was talking to her about possible collaboration on future projects in entertainment, art, and philanthropy. Damian De Langeron, who represents Noblesse Obligé project, is a philanthropist and artist “who gained a reputation among charity and social life for his stunning philanthropic activity and liaison work”. As Damian revealed to this reporter, he has a lot of plans and currently works on collaboration with Carmen and Tracey Reiner.

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