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Fashion Designers Expo in Los Angeles | LA Fashion Judge

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Fashion Design Expo in Los Angeles
| LA Fashion Judge


The Fashion Designers Expo, co-founded by its CEO,  Karine  Melissa, and Clinton K. Powell, which departed from Florida, upon which hopes, and dreams of national exposure abounded, much like an airliner with food or much-needed nutrition, on a humanitarian mission,  descended and landed June 19-20th, 2015, upon a fashion hungry Los Angeles, oozing with  the spirit  to consume this  spiritually laden payload  incarnate –fashion design catalyst capable of  empowering  and enriching dreams  into fruition!
On the eve of this much-anticipated affair, Erik Rosete, CEO and president of Art Hearts Fashion, which has graced the likes of Mercedes-Benz and The LA Fashion Week,  a famous designer in his own right, in conjunction with his potent public relations machine, The Whitaker  Sisters , set this much-anticipated affair off with a bang, quickening the pulse of the festivities.
 In collaboration with FDE’s own business  executive director,  De’ Hollie Wood and her crew,  Art Hearts Fashion facilitated  a party, at The W Hollywood Hotel,  which was highlighted by a  World Premiere of  the first time ever, glimpse of famed and reclusive award-winning Filipino designer, Furne One, presented  by former  Armani model, and Gaglioti, Productions Corps creator, executive producer and host at “Fashion News Live “, Rocco Leo Gaglioti, called “Inside Amato”.
Photo: Rhyan Reyes
Models, upstart designers, singers, actors, journalists and VIP guests, not only watched, as if glued to a rare incursion into the, “unscripted” real life runway behind the scenes, and as Gaglioti said, view of One’s design magistry, but also rocked  the real life drama on the redcarpet, while networking, eating great food and imbibing great liquids. Giving rise to new contacts and heightening the temperature  of this gala event tomorrow  at The  Marriott Hotel’s  cavalcade  of designers and celebrities from across the nation, The W Hollywood’s party effectively juxtaposed the dynamics of mirth but the purpose and  the “REAL” reason for this season was The Fashion Designer Expo glistening above the horizon the next day, where stars were about to be born,  on June 20, 2015 at JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. LIVE at the 900 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015.
Please see images below for the celebrity red carpet arrivals.

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