Exclusive Interview With Bai Ling About Her Style, Acting And Life! – October 2015 Cover Star | LA Fashion Judge

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Exclusive Interview With
Bai Ling About Her Style, Acting And Life!
October 2015 Cover Star

|LA Fashion Judge

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Article by Marina BerBeryan

Marina B: What motivates you to act?
Bai L: Daily life motivate me to act, to give, to show that I feel things and have a gift to give. The excitement of breathing life, the spirit of giving, enjoying motivates me.

Each day I meet many people, even just by watching them, feel the energy the feeling of how they feel and express themselves in daily activities, excites me! I can sense each person‚Äôs characteristic, and who they are and what they are going through, it is a powerful feeling, I can actually see them and know who they are and have compassion for them. The actor’s job is to express the feelings of human beings emotions. Our emotions are like the wild river, it goes on all the time, but through rough curves bumps up and down under the beautiful sunlights, moonlight and rains. It affects how¬†complex we feel each moment under different mood and colors of the sky, and our heart.
So by feeling sensitive of nature‚Äôs rhythm with our heart’s beat, we format our emotions in a beautiful way. When you are sensitive to your own feelings then it’s easier to feel your characters feelings, because you are open and you are real and you have the power to create¬†magic.¬†For me, life is real and so is acting. It is the honesty and the true feelings that I give to my characters that makes me special and that feeling that I have lived. I have given part of the truth myself to bring and make my characters alive.¬†I have never learned acting, but I am so good at it, as it comes very easy to me. I trust myself, I am living life and I am giving life. I am probably the only person in this world who dose not own a television and that is because I am indulging in real life every moment of it.

Marina B: Tell us about a time when you had a really bad day, but had to perform or film no matter how bad of a day you had.
Bai L: Yes, sometimes it can be extremely difficult and challenging when all things go wrong. Like my feelings are so at mess sometimes that it seems like no matter what I do, there is no way I could get things together. My mind is everywhere, my heart and feelings are so tortured to try to find peace.

For instance, one of the movies that I’ve played in ‚ÄúAnna and the King ‚Äú the team members and the production were under a lot of¬†stress because of the sunset scene. We had to complete the entire scene right before the sunset. The most important part of that scene was that golden lighting moment and the time was short because the sun was setting. This part of the film¬†was also one of my most important scenes where I played Tuptim. I was under such pain and in such hurry both mentally and physically because the two guards that were supposed to put me down during filming were not actors and so they pushed me so hard towards¬†the burning banana leaves that left me with pain. The roughness of the banana tree hurt my back when they pushed me down, and the banana leaves at the moment were extremely hot because of the heat.¬†¬†As you may know, during summer time in Malaysia it gets extremely hot! So, they kept on pouring ice water on the floor just to keep it cool, but the water would dry up so fast.

I was under extreme¬†pain during this filming moment. I actually felt pain in my back, my legs and on top of it all I had to work in that hot weather conditions. It was difficult to work yet I managed.¬†In the back of mind I heard a little voice telling me “What the hell, you can leave Bai Ling!!!” ¬†But how can I?? The film set was in such a chaos besides, no one seemed to care how terrible I felt.¬†I was the only one to be responsible for my character. The filming took place at the most important scene of the movie. In order to find peace¬†I forgot my physical and mental pain and got myself together and continued working. Being an actress also includes being responsible and strong.¬†¬†I forced myself to take a deep breath then I closed my eyes for a second, and continued filming.

At the time when we were filming, I remember raising my head slowly and tenderly to look at the sky. I felt such a tender¬†feeling¬†and it¬†warmed up. I saw¬†the beautiful tender sunset just colored the entire sky with red, pink and orange colors.¬†And this is the moment that was filmed in the ‚ÄúAnna and the King ‚Äú screen. at that particular moment I forgot about myself and was actually living the moment from my character’s ¬†– Toptim’s point of view. This was the most powerful moment which was captured on the screen at the same time.

I have to be selfless, ¬†I have to forget myself, I have to dedicate, I have to endure pain no matter how uncomfortable and hard, and at the same time I have to be when working/ acting. I must quickly find my inner peace when I’m filming and completely take myself there to that pure moment as where her my character should be and show her that feeling. ¬†It was tremendously¬†difficult at that time for me, but remember when you are selfless, the whole world is on your side, and you then make magic.

Marina B: What career would you do if it wasn’t acting?
Bai L:¬†I would be a great rock star! I have always loved music. As a matter of fact, I made few songs of my own and you can listen on my youtube channel. ¬†It’s modern, provocative, sexy and upbeat fun.

As a child, I learned to play Violin and Pipa. My father is a composer, so I grow up with classic music. ¬†Music is in my blood.¬†I think¬†I’m a¬†great instrument for the universe as an artist. I am also very fashionable because I ¬†always make noise in the fashion scene. For instance, at this year’s MTV movie awards, ¬†I made a wild statement in fashion history by waring a huge 3 dimensional dragon on the red carpet. Anyway, but I think I can also be¬†a writer and a director. To think of it, I love to care for animals but I have such a gift as an actress, therefor actress is something I must do and will continue to do.

Marina B: What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?
Bai L: Your privacy, the sense of who you really are. People think and assume they know me — the real Bain Ling, just because they see me on TV or online and they judge based on that. ¬†I am actually anything and everything, the delightful butterflies open their beautiful wings dancing in the magic sunlight, that is all me. I am a magic just like them!

Marina B:¬†You’ve mentioned in your previous interviews that you have 8 little spirits. Can you tell us more about it?Bain L:¬†Yes, I have 8 little mini-spirit girls and they are all dressed in mini skirts. They are cute, sexy and mischievous this is how how they act and enjoy life.¬†I am like the peace maker. Each day I have to satisfy all of them because they all have different personalities.

One of the little skirt spirits, she is so advanced in fashion, she knows exactly what she wants and what looks sexy provocative on her. She likes to shock the world just for the fun of it. Sometimes, I have conversation with her and I say “Is this dress a little too short?” She answers “No I am all covered. ¬†Don‚Äôt worry, lets go party!” and I said ¬†“Ok lets go party!” However, this one time she did get me in trouble when a paparazzi snapped pictures of me ¬†wearing too short of a dress. ¬†I am such a slave to her also to my other mini skirt girls, I think I am a very confident woman, but in front of them all I am just powerless.

Other of my spirits are very intelligent, some of them very quiet, some of them are shy gentle, some of them are just lazy. I have to do all these kind of things to meet their needs to make them happy. When I need them the most, they are all there in full service for me. They all show up and make magic for me. That is why I am good of what I do, because all my sprits are alive with pure passion, intelligence, and authenticity. They are on fire for me!

You know in this world, there are many things our naked eyes cannot see, but they are there in front of us in full existence. I love my 8 little mini skirt spirits,I am grateful to them for serving me and giving me the full color of a rainbow.

Marina B: What are some of the best memories you have growing up in Cheng Du city (Southern China)?
Bai L: I remember we have lots of mosquitos and they always bit me. I do not like them at all!

My home town is in the southwest of China, it is so humid, always raining there. I remember eating spicy food and hot pot that I love. It is always raining therefore we stayed inside the house most of the time. People drink a lot there and that is why the greatest writers and poets of China all come from my hometown. The place made me very sensitive to my feelings, so when I am very close and sensitive to my feelings, then I understand how others feel. I think the nature of my home town ’s climate made me such a sensitive soul. I am very close to nature, to feelings, very close to the romantic sentimental part of the universe.

As a child I’d love to watch the rain drops from my window. I was so fascinated and would be sensitive at the same time. ¬†Yes, I also remembered how my dear grandmother would each day come to my school and waited for me to pick me up. She would bring me candies and cookies just to surprise me. My grandmother always had a warm and beautiful smile on her face each time I’d spot her after school. like sunlight in the rain, as a child in my home town Cheng Du I felt so much love!
Marina B:¬†What was it like to play Ida’s role in “The Key” who’s a California wife and a mother discovering that her artist husband of 16 years, Jack, (David Arquette) has been keeping a diary of their bedroom activities?
Bai L: I felt powerful and secretive. I feel like the whole world is just a little child starting to grow…

It was a stunning beautiful experience and journey for me to play Ida. My character is completely different than I am and that makes it exciting and challenging.  Ida she is a complicated character, she is beautiful, poetic, sensitive, romantic yet so mysteriously secretive to me and to her audience. She is like the sunlight where she can change colors each moment. Ida is very internal, gentle and very hard to play. How do you play the light, the air, the wind and the moments of the passing life?

Ida is also very intelligent and a dreamy young lady, who is almost pure like child at times. She represent lots of women in our contemporary world. She is married and seems like she has the perfect life, but underneath the surface, who is she? What is her real desire? Her secret wishes? Her happiness? And what is that she really wants when she actually has everything? It opened my mind as an actress and as a modern woman in many different ways to understand life, romance, sex and relationship.


In order to play Ida I has to analyze her character deeper to find her vulnerability and strength and the things about her that no one knows and that includes her husband. It is interesting, she is married and devoted to her husband yet she is a complete stranger to her husband. This quality is the most intriguing element to me, because it’s a mystery and a contradiction. I have to give her the feeling of emptiness on the surface in order to show and hide the deep complexed self that even she herself who tries to hide and understand. What is the meaning of life for her when she actually has everything with her wealthy husband. who is so devoted to her? Where is her freedom? What are her heart‚Äôs most secret inner desires as a woman?

Psychologically it’s difficult to find the fine line for Ida, because it’s a combination of¬†internal feeling. She is like a mysterious river constantly moving and changing. The audience cannot see or feel her.¬†It’s a powerful¬†the movie and so is my character Ida where she secretly stands up for the task, the challenge and the danger in her seemed peaceful happy life. ¬†It’s like you’re playing a dangerous blind-fold game with your life where you risk your relationship, your husband, and everything that you have. The game Ida plays with her husband is real and intimate, but how can you go back and stop when the game becomes a reality? She simply can’t, therefor she has to keep playing, she has to keep testing herself until the road she is walking on becomes too far away than she has ever imagined. Where can she go from there and how? And the¬†dangerous¬†sex erotic¬†game she is playing is with her beloved husband, David Arquette.

The question is, what is love to her? Is she really in love with her husband? Is she happy? What is she really want? What dose sex mean to her?¬†It is a beautiful touching, erotic, powerful film I have ever done and seen so far. I really hope this movie can inspire people, women, men, and the world. It’s important to find the truth within yourself¬†and to be daring, to be who you really are by showing and sharing their inner secrets.

The movie “The Key” is erotic and has many sex scenes. I had many nude scenes so it was a bit¬†challenging¬†for me¬†mentally where I had to dare myself ¬†to completely open up in a bold provocative way for my character Ida.¬†I felt it was an honor to serve her my character Ida as an Actress.¬†The Character was originally written for a white actress, I am grateful our directer gave me the opportunity to play Ida’s role.

Marina B:¬†. “The Key‚ÄĚ is¬†an erotic 1956 Japanese novel which is based on a Nobel prize wining about a married couple who independently begin keeping graphic journals of their sexual relationship.¬†What was the most intense sex scene ¬†with your co-star David Arquette¬†when filming this movie?

Bai L:¬†Haha! The entire movie is erotic! Almost every scene was us making love or I was in bed or bath top naked. For me it’s almost like I was on drugs the whole time, living, feeling in the state of limbo.

The most intense scene would be the last love making scene with David Arquette. It was so intense! During that scene I felt pain in my soul. I was feeling almost unconscious, my mind was not involved. I was just there feeling that my body took over in a sex volcano. I was on fire, as if I was riding the crazy waves of the vast ocean, so crazy, so erotic! My emotions took over in the end and I do not want to reveal the ending for the audience but the ending is so powerful, so unreal and I can relate it to my yet so my character Ida


The other scene where David and I had to be there for 45 minutes and the camera was just rolling. We had to be on all the time, seduction, making love and playing for the entire 45 minute. It’s challenging to play Ida’s role because it’s unclear what’s on her mind and what is it that she is thinking. What is that she real wants and feels?¬†My body and my mind remembers now ¬†the intense feeling as I am doing the interview with LA Fashion Judge.

It was indeed revolutionizing for me as an¬†an actress to be so exposed on screen. I am glad I did it, because “The Key” is based on an Nobel Prize winning Novel. It’s very well written and very prestigious. I am lucky as an actress to play Ida’s role where I explored deeper into my mind, body and soul. It was so worth it!

Marina B: ¬†“The Key” is about exploring sexuality, marriage, secrets, obsession and all this is something that people don’t talk about. What do you think the viewers can learn from this movie?

Bai L: I love the movie ‚Äú The Key ‚Äú because it’s a story and topic that people avoid talking about. This is the reason why I think why this movie is so powerful to the viewers. These issues are in people‚Äôs lives everyday and no one can avoid it. People will learn about themselves in a totally new level, about the real meaning of life, the real meaning of marriage, the real meaning of relationships, and mostly they will learn by their own realization of what sex is. What is their own secrets for sex? And also what is obsession mean? How you deal with it? And what will be the consequences when you fallow your obsession!!!
It’s a powerful movie, because it emphasizes on your inner soul. We open it to the daylight to expose to the world of the most vulnerable yet powerful place that is always locked and has never been open before.

“The Key” is one of the movies that has never before been so bravely and openly conveyed. The¬†unspoken secrets and problems that people face everyday in their life. It’s educational as well more towards discovering your inner most hidden secrets about who you really are and its liberation.

Marina B:¬†“Samurai Cop”¬†is considered to be one of the best bad action flicks ever created.¬†Tell us about your role in an upcoming film “Samurai Cop 2:¬†Deadly Vengeance” directed by¬†Gregory Hatanaka.

Bai L: “Samurai Cop” is so¬†fantastically funny and good in its own way. We kept the same spirit as the first one.¬†It’s so funny even when I think about it, I made my character funny and crazy which I hope that in the final movie they captured those scenes.

I play the main deadly villain, Dogg√©, she is a force of nature, sharp like a knife, and hot like fire. Dogg√© is extremely dangerous and knows how to play and use swords! I made her so dangerous and seductive. ¬†She is very unpredictable and smart — a woman every man wants! You would¬†definitely like my character very much because she also is very¬†fun to watch. In the movie I dress stylish, and walk like a super model. It is fun to play Dogg√©’s role. I can be such a bad ass and in a very mischievous way and kick every man‚Äôs ass! ¬†I can‚Äôt wait to see the movie and to see my character come to life. ¬†” Samural Cop 2″ opens October 9th.

Marina B: Are you working on any current projects at the moment?

Bai L: Yes, I just finished shooting an action comedy movie in Moscow, Russia. The movie is called “Maximum Impact”. I play a government official, she is so fun and does not give a damn about anything. She tries¬†so hard to get herself fired, but being¬†government official it’s not easy to get fired. ¬†At the same time she is very skillful of what she dose for the government, its a super fun role, and I made her super charismatic slick sexy and hilarious. You’ll love her!

Also, I have a major Chinese movie that I just finished. It’s called ‚ÄúLard of ShangHai‚ÄĚ. I play Shanghai‚Äôs night life Queen. From her young age 28 to 80 years old. This is a big movie and if I were to compare it to another movie here in the United States it would be the “Godfather‚ÄĚ.

I just finished a 30 episode TV series in China where I play the lead role. All these projects are in the post production, cannot wait for them all to come out for you to see. I am also in the process of shooting 2 more films.

Marina B: How about your personal life? Any plans on marriage or having kids?

Bai L: Haha! That’s funny! Yes, I have a breaking news to make, I will get married and have a boy tomorrow ¬†—-just joking! ¬†Well, I am not good at my personal relationship yet I guess, because I am still single. I think the problem is that I am way too romantic and I love the feeling of being in love. This feeling seems to always happen in the beginning of the relationship which I enjoy the most. I enjoy and love that romantic feeling very much because its pure. I think I need to learn how to handle the real life relationships when problem occurs.¬†I’d love to get married one day, but my heart has to sing first, I feel it is happening …

I love kids and have always wanted to have babies but I am such a free spirited person.  All the things  that I want has to happen naturally. Yes, if does not happen the way I want them to happen then I am still happy.  The joy of life is at the moment now, I am naturally a very happy person. I live a great life and I am always happy. I find joy everywhere I go and in everything I do, even if I dont do nothing, I will still find joy and happiness by just being alive, watching the wind go by in slow motion.

But I do like to be in a real serious relationship, its about time, because I am ready.

Marina B:¬†What’s the one thing people are always surprised to find out about you?
Bai L: I am such a real down to earth fun and loving girl. They all think that I am crazy, but the truth is I am crazy just as my 8 little mini skirt spirits are. Deep down in real life, I am a real caring simple person. ¬†You can follow me on my social sites to get to know me better.¬†¬†I always give out fat free sugar free cookies, that’s my gift to my fans every single day!

 Twitter //@RealBaiLing
Instagram  // @RealBailLing
Facebook // @BailLing

Website //  www.officialbailing.com 


Marina B:¬†What’s your favorite lunch meal?
Bai L: I love sushi and dessert!  Spicy rolls and burning hot apple tart with vanilla ice cream are my favorite! I love the feeling of cold and hot so I like ice and fire at the same time, mischievous, exciting.

Marina B:¬†What’s your favorite Fall/ Winter fashion trend, nail polish and lip color?
Bai L:¬†Haha! I love this question, so girly! I love color now, bright bright colors!¬†My fall and winter fashion would be red faux -fur hat and white faux-fur jacket with yellow boots (thin high heels) and a pink bikini underneath or a¬†bright blue mini skirt.¬†I love to wear shorts or mini skirts, with bear legs because to me it’s sexy.¬†For some reason, lately I have been obsessing over the bright red lips or¬†even¬†bright orange lip. I use both lip colors in my movies ‚ÄúThe Key ‚ÄĚ, ‚Äú Samurai Cop2 ‚Äú and ‚Äú The lord of Shanghai‚ÄĚ.

As for nail polish, I always love the color of cherry –they call it wicked. And for winter I’d have to say red or black because it’s fun and eye caching. Also for Fall, sometimes I like to be all in black, except my super red lips and nails. I think that is classy elegant and super sexy.


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