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Cure The Runway – Eileen Blvd Couture Spring / Summer 2015 Collection | LA Fashion Judge

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Eileen Blvd Couture
“Cure The Runway”
 Spring – Summer 2015 Collection

Article by Maurice D. Smith 

Thursday,  April 16, 2015,  Eileen Isagholian, owner of L.A.’s high end fashion boutique, Blvd Couture, waged a one woman war against childhood cancer, in honor of her son’s friend,  Anthony Kacherian’s  cancer stricken friend;  Ivan Kedikian,  via a celebrity laden fundraiser  benefitting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, in an event called ” Cure the Runway”,  held at Club “P 71”.

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Eileen Isagholian, also owner of Blvd Fitness, summoned her master organizing star power, and  channeled it towards celebrities, such as the event’s host  Chris La Vrar, of “America’s Got talent” fame”, up and coming actor- rap recording artist ” Pknuckle”,  co-host and owner of  “Codiene Cowboys”, the urban street wear “Drug Hip Hop Genre” clothing line, in over 30 boutiques nation wide, which along with Eilene Blvd Couture’s women’s wear,  graced the runway raising funds for the little ones last April 16, 2015 at Club P 71.

In addition, other  celebrities including chef Chef Ameera; IDK Featherweight Champion Robert Lemus; Louise Gill the TV host of LA Lights; famous model Dillard Okray ;  actor Kevin Jackson; producer, actress and host Vartuhi Oganesyan; actor Wesley Jonathan;  and Joyce Giraud of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills –all came running when asked and helped raise awareness of the dire urgency to help children cancer funding, which according to Eileen only receives 4  % of all total funding for cancer research nationally.


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Maurice S:   “How long have you been doing this and what led you to do a fundraiser via fashion?”.
Eileen I:  I don’t design yet, but maybe you suggesting it Maurice is prophetic and I may be led to do it one day.  I truly believe it’s every single persons responsibility to help each other in any way we can. I do believe & practice the African proverb ‘it takes a village to raise a child’; every single person in society makes up the “village”.  I lead by example because I have two  little boys who look at every move I make so I’m dedicated to raising them right, to pass on this mentality of helping others.  I’m just a vessel spreading God’s grace through the world even though presently I do not own a nonprofit.

The first fundraiser I did was after my brother passed away. It was for his memorial fund, the Edwin Isagholian Fund. After that it was like I found my calling in helping others. I’ve always helped with different organizations in different ways, whether it’s clothing drives, toy drives, through  church or via private groups.  This was my first time working with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Fashion & beauty has always been a passion of mine but to me it’s more for the psychological aspect of it  than the physical. When you look good, you feel good. It’s that simple and I love to make people feel good about themselves.  I accidentally came up with the idea of Blvd Couture. It started with my girlfriends borrowing clothes out of my closet. They called it “going shopping” in Eileen’s closet.

After a few years of having my friends go “shopping” in my closet, I had a light bulb moment and  BLVD Couture came to fruition!  Now everybody can go shopping in my closet. I carry pieces that I would wear , as I manifest  my taste. So every buyer in a way has a piece of me in their closet but my true calling is to help people. I use my professional platform to carry out my calling. What better way? For example, a fashion show fundraiser, mixing my business with my calling!!

Maurice S:  What purpose do you see yourself fulfilling via  fundraising and in life in general?
Eileen I:   You know what sir,  I know my purpose on earth. God has put me on this earth to serve Him through serving others, to show them His grace & love. We are all angels, but some need to practice using their wings.

Maurice S: How difficult was it to book these fine celebrities for this affair? Do you own a nonprofit?
Eileen I:  I reached out personally through social media to the celebs…told them about my event. I got Dillard Okray to model via The Nikol Group Talent Agency.  The owner of NTG, Nikol Davis, booked all the models for me free of charge. Yes a non profit is on my to do list. God works in wondrous ways. I contacted Nikol without knowing anything about her, come to find out we go to the same church. LPCC in Chatsworth.

Maurice S:  What is Pknuckle’s plans for the future and how long have you known him?
Eileen I: Pknuckle, who also acts from time to time, has just booked a recording deal with “Empire” and  has worked with  big names such as rap recording artists who act and produce like , Xzibit “Exit Wounds” with actor and martial artist Stevan Segal and “Derailed”, with actress Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen and Lethal, Supernatural, Rass Kass,  Mel Man, whose contributions with legendary rap stars like Dr. Dre and Eminem spawned not only billboards awards, but also, hundreds if not billions of dollars worldwide, and others. I’ve known Pknuckle for 22 years. I was 14 when we met through  school and mutual friends, as he was friends with my cousins.

Maurice S: The air is filled with electricity. Is it because of the celebrities present, the atmosphere of helping and the chance to rock the carpet?
Eileen I:  Eileen Blvd Couture promotes and sells high end women’s clothing which comes from different designers, as far off as Italy. The components of the material varies. Pknucke’s designs are geared towards the popularity of the street urban wear scene, as he is hot in the music industry.  The atmosphere is electric as it both a time to shine and these people, some of whom are celebrities are here to help raise funds for research.


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