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Keeping up with the Jones or The Kardashians? How does one keep up with the Jets-setting  goings on of the super hybrid celebrity models, and designers of  international high fashion stardom? What does it take to harness the ability, work ethic, charisma, and aura of high fashion and make it work in any medium or country in this world?

Jet setting  with a person whose choices of fashion etiquette  are regarded as the epitome of glamorous Indian Beauty, and Fashion, such as that  of Miss INDIA, Preity Uupala., is how to get it done.

From beauty queen, having won three awards for the movie, ” Janala” at the 54th Asia Pacific Awards, winning titles such as Miss India Miss Portugal, Miss Earth Miss, Australia, and Miss Photogenic; festival judging, hosting the Moscow International Film Festival; spokesperson duties for Villa Thea Luxury resort in Greek islands, ORION SPA in Thailand, Chloe and Isabel jewelry line, Facebook, HP, Ebay and Clear Trip and The Marriot hotel group; acting, or modeling glittering, fabulous, shimmering, expensive cutting edge elegant wear for various fashion designers, such as Sea folly, Style brazil, Anna Campbell, Intimo, Jian Ador Couture, Shekhar Rehate, Kyotap, Culture Shock ,Jack and Jill design and National Geographic; to acting in films and major commercials in Hollywood , Preity Uupala has demonstrated class and glamour, with spectacular legendary regal, in such a manner, that she has been elevated atop a pedestal, set apart, and established synonymously as an international fashion authority; Ms. Uupala is the barometer of Indian beauty!!

Recently I had a chance to sit down and chat with the beautiful trendsetting international  globetrotter. I too queried “How does one become like the phenomena that she has become.”? Comparatively, isn’t it  like asking Michael Jordan, “How do you ‘Be like Mike'”? Remember, the Spike Lee commercial for Nike, in which Jordan repeatedly retorted ,”No Morris” as Lee, an award winning filmmaker of such films , as “She ‘s got to have it”, and “Malcolm X”, depicted as, a super fan, fictional character named Morris, yearning to get the answer to Jordan’s athletic supremacy, asked Joedan, “Money, is it the shoes, ” It’s got to be the shoes”? Given the chance we may not be able –wearing Nike or $ 6, 000  Christian Louboutin Shoes– to replicate the accomplishments of either Jordan or Preity Uupala, but one can listen to their guidance and then can follow their example. My interview with Preity Uupala is as follows:

preity uupal cover girl for la fashion judge ms india

MAURICE: How were you informed that you’d be chosen to judge in the big festival last December?

PREITY:‘ The APFF- Asia Pacific Film festival is a unique, international film festival where each year a different member city hosts the gala event in their home town- so every year film makers and delegates alike get to experience a new ambience and cultural experience. I am truly honored to be a part of the APFF- Asia pacific film festival. One of my professional colleague and friend, who is a well-known Australian director, told the film festival about my acting and spokesperson achievements in Australia. They then expressed interest in having me involved with the film festival. I was inducted as a board member of the FPA- federation of Producers Association. I graciously accepted and was appointed head delegate for INDIA. So I am extremely grateful to represent Indian cinema each year and bring some of the most promising up and coming films from India. It is a very exciting opportunity and I am thrilled to have been a part of it for last 4 years.’

MAURICE: What made you get into Pageants and leave the financial sector?

PREITY:’ Truth be told, I had never any desire to compete in beauty pageants growing up. I was a very academic student, very ambitious and intellectual and knew the route I wanted to go in life and that was the corporate world. So after graduating from several Universities  with degrees in IT and marketing, and offered a scholarship to study for a PHD, I started worked for investment banks. I had always been involved in charitable causes and philanthropic activities. The founder of a large pageant had come across my modeling portfolio and also my bio that highlighted all my social work. She reached out to me and convinced me to compete. I only agreed as I thought it would gain more awareness to some of the causes I was involved in. It was not really supposed to mean anything  more than that. The charity that I teamed up with was “Beyond Water” – A great non-profit providing fresh water to rural villages in Africa. I’m pleased that because of my involvement in the pageant, we were able to raise some money for the organization and spread  more awareness on the dire urgency of that matter. Many different doors opened up for me after that pageant, including modeling and acting and that’s when I made a very deep, instinctual decision to give up the corporate world for good. I have never done anything half- heartedly, so I knew if I were to pursue the entertainment industry, I would have to give my all to it and pursue it single mindedly.’

MAURICE: How has participating changed your outlook on pageants?

PREITY: ‘ My perspectives and attitudes on pageants changed dramatically. I began to see the pulling power that media, fashion and beauty industries have.’

MAURICE: Do you think being in pageant helps elevate women and other Indians on a positive note? And how?

PREITY: ‘Yes definitely. It is a great platform to showcase  who you are as a human being  and most importantly  what you stand for. Not every contestant views it as such nor do they utilize it for something bigger than themselves. But those who do, I can assure you; it is deeply fulfilling and purposeful. Indian women are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. But beauty pageants prove that it goes far beyond physical beauty. They have qualities very unique and indicative of their race. Grace, dignity, refined beauty- these are words I would use to describe a real Indian beauty. I only hope I was able to project these qualities while I have been out there on the global stage.’

MAURICE: Tell us about your talent? How does it inspire others?

PREITY:’ My biggest gift I feel is my voice. I have always felt most comfortable on stage in front of thousands to people. I also love writing and have a book project that I am working on at the moment. It is a book to do with Dubai- and very fascinating, as it’s a topic that not many people are familiar with.’

MAURICE:What would you do or say to encourage other women to get up and  live their life?

PREITY:‘ I sincerely advise young women to have the courage to dream and live the life they desire. I have embarked on this magical journey and I wake up every day knowing that I am following my passion and every day is a step closer to my divine destiny. It is only fear that keeps people from truly pursuing their dreams. No matter how things turn out, you are already a winner, for you had to the courage to go for it and that is more commendable than a life where you did not quite live. Where you did not listen to that inner voice of the heart. People are too afraid to fail, so they take the easy path. Yet what good is an existence where you never followed your spirit and tasted the joy of doing something you love. I have always found the road less travelled most enticing. And I have no regrets.’

MAURICE: What do you plan to do with your celebrityship now that you’re fame is growing?

PREITY: ‘ Fame ultimately matters when you have used it for something purposeful and positive. To effect a person, or people at large. My vision I have always felt is to inspire and empower people through my work and presence. My focus is to be the most I can be and do something for the world.

miss india la fashion judge exclusive interview                                             Photo by Brian Masayon

Uupala has many tasks under her sleeve. She hosted the Moscow International Film Festival;  She was a spokesperson for Villa Thea Luxury resort in Greek islands, ORION SPA in Thailand, Chloe and Isabel jewelry line, Facebook, HP, Ebay, Clear Trip and The Marriott Hotel Group. Some of Uupala’ s past modeling work can be seen on National Geographic,  Jack and Jill, Sea folly, Style Brazil, Anna Campbell, Culture Shock, Intimo, Jian Ador Couture, Shekhar Rehate, and Kyotap.

Preity Uupala has demonstrated class and glamour, with spectacular legendary regal, in such a manner,  that she has been elevated  atop a pedestal, set apart, and established synonymously  as an international fashion authority; Ms. Uupala is the barometer of Indian beauty!

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