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Core Training vs. Abdominal Training | LA Fashion Judge

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Core Training vs. Abdominal Training

| LA Fashion Judge

Article by Sylva Geyoghlian-Mendelsohn


Lets get to the “Core” of the matter and why it’s Ab-solutely important!

There seems to be much debate about core training vs. abdominal training. The difference between working your core and working your abs is where your focus lies. Exercises that engage your core are going to work more than just one muscle, such as your back and glutes, while abdominal exercises only focus on your front side; and that reminds me of a topic a lot of people ask about, “I want abs that pop,” and “How can I get a 6-pack?” Performing abdominal exercises daily will definitely build strong abdominal muscles, BUT if your diet isn’t on track, then those muscles will never show. And there’s no such thing as “target” training – you can’t target a certain area to lose fat. While our bodies use fat as fuel, it doesn’t really care where the fat comes from. So while you’re preforming 100+ ab exercises daily, your body is not going to necessarily tap into the fat around those muscles. Nutrition plays a huge role in the development of your abdominal muscles – the less body fat you have, the more you’re going to see your “six-pack.”

Throughout my exercise regimen, I am constantly focused on my core, making sure it is engaged at all times.


WHY is core strengthening important…

  • It’s our body’s powerhouse
  • It helps prevents injuries
  • It protects your inner organs and central nervous system
  • It supports your spine & helps eliminate back pain
  • It supports excellent posture, which helps exude confidence
  • It improves balance and stability
  • It aids in performing every day tasks
    1. Lifting a toddler
    2. Putting away groceries
    3. Standing & sitting properly


A good way to start focusing on core…

  • Pull bellybutton towards spine
  • Stand tall
  • Stand on one foot (alternating foot) for 20–30 seconds to begin…increase gradually
  • Planks

Sylva Geyoghlian-Mendelsohn



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