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L.A. Fashion JudgeEditor-in-Chief and Founder
LA Fashion Judge
Marina BerBeryan

Marina may be best known as

the LA Fashion Judge for LA Fashion Week but she’s also one of the most  influential two-time award winning Celebrity Fashion Stylists, TV Personality and Fashion Columnist of “Confessions of Hollywood Stylist” in United Kingdom’s Hat Trick Magazine.  Raised in Hollywood,������Marina is a quintessential California girl who loves chatting celebrity fashion, runway looks, street style and more. To learn more  about Marina visit

Facebook: MarinaBerBeryan
Instagram: MarinaBerBeryan
Twitter: MarinaBerBeryan

maurice dwayne smith

Photojournalist Jury – Events and Interviews
Maurice Dwayne Smith

Maurice continues to write for LFJ and works closely with our team.  Charleston, South Carolina native with a serious case of wanderlust, he’s lived in Paris, France and is currently residing in Los Angels, California. Maurice attended University of South Carolina majoring

in journalism, advertising and public relations. Former writer for Entertainment Today and The Scoop LA. However, Maurice’s recent endeavor was playing a role in “Grey’s Anatomy.

Facebook: Maurice Dwayne Smith
Twitter: LightninFrog






Contributing Jury – Fashion, Accessories and Beauty
Sandhy Iyer

It all started the first time she bought Vogue when was 15, and checking the glossy pages with intent and wonder. Sandhya is a fashion writer who offers an uncompromising, Indian-flavored take on the perfect wardrobe. Not always sane, but adept in scoping out the trends, breaking fashion news to the readers is her forte. Her dream is to document fashion around the world.

Facebook: Sandhya Varatharajan Iyer
Instagram: Sandhya_iyer
Twitter: Sandhya
Blog: DesignChameleon


 Contributing Jury – Fashion, Events and Interviews
 Svetlana Krapivina

Svetlana is an internationally published freelance writer who got passion for fashion.  Her team MSUStudio specializes in red carpet and runway events here in  L.A.//Hollywood area as well as abroad. Svetlana has significant

experience  interviewing top American and foreign designers. Svetlana writes in both Russian and  English.

Facebook: SvetlanaKrapivina
Instagram: lana8230




 Contibuting Jury – Mind and Soul
 Stan Popovich

Stan a Penn State graduate and the author of “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods” – an easy to read book that presents a general overview of techniques that are effective in managing persistent fears and anxieties.
Facebook: ManagingFear
Twitter: ManagingFear
Google +: Managing Fear
YouTube: Stan Popovich
LinkedIn: Stanley Popovich 


Contributing Jury – LA Events 
Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk

Gennadiy is originally from Ukraine currently living in Los Angeles, California covering LA events.

Facebook: Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk

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