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Carmen Electra “Baywatch” Babe – September 2015 Cover Star | LA Fashion Judge

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Carmen Electra September 2015 Cover Star

| LA Fashion Judge


Article by Svetlana Krapivina

We recently caught up with Tara Leigh Patrick, better known by her stage name Carmen Electra. The American glamour model turned actress and television personality whose currently filming for Party Pieces and her latest work includes “Book of Fire”, “Chocolate City”, “Lap Dance”, “The Birthday Boys”, “Franklin & Bach”, “Dragula”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Britain’s Got Talent” and more.

Carmen looked beautiful and immaculate in her long light blue dress as she stepped walked the red carpet at the GENLUX Magazine’s Fall Issue event held in Laguna Hills, C.A.,

Svetlana Krapivina, Carmen Electra and Damian De Langeron, Ambassador for Midnight Mission and Shriners Hospital. Photo // Mikhail Urubkov


Svetlana K: Hi Carmen, it is nice seeing you. What do you like the most about today’s event?
Carmen E: What do I like the most? I love fashion designers that are willing to take risks and really stand out. To me, a fashion show is a sort of production and you can see the build up from designing the clothes to coming down to the last minute in a chaos, that’s similar to performing. I look at fashion as art and I admire the creativity involved with it.

Sventlana K: Let’s talk about your charity projects.
Carmen E: I lost my mother, she passed away from a brain tumor, so I am very involved with starting my own charity which is called “Head To Hollywood”. It really did so well, it helped children to make their Hollywood dreams come true (Head To Hollywood is a program that supports brain tumor survivors by providing with dream trips to Hollywood – SK). Some of them would go to the chemo therapy but these children are so strong, and I admire them so much! It is a lot of charity I am involved with.

Svetlana K: How can we follow you? Are you on Instagram, Twitter?
Carmen E: All of them, at #CarmenElectra

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