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“Boy Meets World” Star Maitland Ward: August 2015 Cover Star | LA Fashion Judge

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Ten Things You Do Not Know About Maitland Ward!
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Article by Maurice D. Smith

Maurice S: Hello Maitland. I am so excited to interview you for LA Fashion Judge!
Maitland W: I’m delighted and very honored to be talking with you. Big fan of the magazine!

Maurice S: This is a long way from being first nominated for and winning a Soap Opera Digest Award for “The Bold and the Beautiful”?
Maitland W: I was basically plucked straight out of high school to play the role of Jessica. It was a dream come true. I had grown up loving soaps, so to be cast as the teen heroine was amazing. Everyone on the show was so welcoming and the friendships I made there have lasted to this day.

Jessica Forrester from “The Bold and the Beautiful”  was the quintessential ‘America’s Sweetheart’. Everything happened to her- being raped, her mother having an affair with her boyfriend while she was in a diabetic coma, almost being set on fire, dealing with teen pregnancy… It meant so much that the daytime community liked my performances enough to nominate me for awards alongside some really great, veteran actors. They don’t get enough credit, but some of the most talented people I’ve met and worked with come from daytime.

Maurice S: Why do you believe that Americans love you and “Boy Meets World” and “Girls Meet World” so much?
Maitland W: “Boy Meets World” is such an iconic show. I was blessed to be a part of this experience and play Rachel McGuire’s role. Little did we know at the time that it would become such a loved and long lasting show that would spin-off into a new one for a whole new generation. I think people love the characters, the friendships, the strong family values. You could trust these people week after week to make you laugh and cry and fall in love. The core of the show really is family. And that’s what we were and still are all these years later.

Maurice S: Do you believe that Ben Savage’s brother’s long running hit, “The Wonder Years” psychologically “setup” TV viewers and conditioned them to liking “Boy Meets Girl”, as his brother Fred was in your show? Do you think that the audience was conditioned and it didn’t matter whether Savage was involved in it or not?
Maitland W: Although “Wonder Year”s and “Boy Meets World” were both iconic family shows, I think “Boy Meets World” has a life of it’s own. It was different from “Wonder Year,’ because it was a traditional family sit-com and it catered to a new generations of kids that didn’t necessarily watch “Wonder Years”. People loved the “Boy Meets World” characters and the love story of Cory and Topanga. That set our show apart. Fred was in an episode and directed a few. It was cool to have both brothers. I think people enjoyed seeing that. I certainly enjoyed working with them both.

Maurice S: On a scale from 1 to 10 which of your professional works stands out the most?
Maitland W: Rachel on “Boy Meets World ” will always be close to my heart. “Boy Meets World” is such a special experience and people still watch it to this day. I can never get away from that, and I would never want to. “White Chicks” movie was the most crazy fun! I’ve been lucky to be part of projects that become part of pop culture and have cult audiences that love them.


Maurice S: I lived at Rubin dormitory at NYU back in the day, as I had friends who were students there, how did you like the day-to-day and scholastic experience at the school? Were the screen play teachers impressive and if so why?
Maitland S:

I’ve never been so nervous in my life

as I was at NYU. It’s so intimidating, yet at the same time there is such an excitement to study and learn with the best. Students and professors take their work seriously and I appreciated and respected that. It keeps you on your toes. I’ve always been a good student, this made me bring my A plus-game.

Maurice: Did any of your NYU student classmates make it as far as you have come?
Maitland W: There are countless success stories that come out of NYU! I’m just lucky to be a small part of that.

Maurice: Do you feel that the media has gone too far when they delve into celebrity’s medical lives, such as plastic surgery? Is that your business or is it part of public domain since you are an actor?
Maintland W: Yes and no. Yes, as an actor, you are a public person but, the people in your life didn’t necessarily sign up for that, so you want to protect them. I don’t know why people want to know every tidbit of a celebrity’s life. An air of mystery is more interesting.

Maurice S: You have modeled arguably half nude, at times, but rather tastefully on the red carpet. You told Fox TV’s 411 that your modeling, as such, has led to opportunities for future modeling and acting jobs. Is that right and do you feel that these experiences on the red carpet also were the catalyst of the creation of “Girl Meets Girl”?
Maitland W:

I work hard for my body and I am proud of that. I like to make dramatic statements.

There’s a great sense of empowerment that comes with it. It always amazes me how much interest people have in my red carpet wardrobe choices. It definitely has opened up opportunities that never existed before. I was always the sweet girl next door, now people can see another side of me. I’m no wallflower. I’m willing to take risks and put myself out there. I’ve been able to get more opportunities in fashion because of all the attention. I love working with designers and doing crazy shoots. It’s like playing dress up every day.


Maurice S: What types of emotions if any flooded through you during the “Boy Meets World” DVD release party? What were the high points for you?
Maintland W: When everyone got together at the ATX TV festival, it was an emotional experience. We hadn’t all been in the same room together for years and spending a weekend together watching clips, answering questions, talking to fans, was really special. It’s a family and no matter how long you go without seeing one another, that love and connection is always there. Doing the commentary for the DVD’s was so much fun! Blast from the past! It was like going to a school reunion and remembering all the fun we had.

Maurice S: Do you feel that “Boy Meet Girl” should be made into a full length feature film? Why and/or why not?
Mailand W: There was always talk of doing a full length feature for Disney Channel. Like if we all went to Paris or London or somewhere fun. I think what’s special about the show is that you get to spend time with your favorite characters, in your living room, every week. There’s an intimacy in TV that films wouldn’t capture. Especially with a show like ours but, Paris would’ve been fun!

Maurice S: When you did “White Chicks” with the Wayan Brothers, did you learn anything or was it business as usual? How was the experience and how do you rate their comedic ability? Do movies that play on white stereotypes make you feel uneasy?Maitland W: It’s never business as usual with those guys! We laughed so much! Working with them was a joy and I gained so much insight into comedy and comedy writing because of them. The best thing about working with them is that they allow you to play. So, the set is always fun. I don’t think they were stereotyping “white people”. It was definitely targeting a certain type of socialite girl that we all know and love. It’s tongue and cheek and people really loved it.

Maurice S: Do you like comedic, horror, action, mystery, or love movies best and what are your next endeavors going to be about?
Maitland W: My forte has been comedy. I love to make people laugh and I love writing comedy, but a whole new world of action movies and roles has been opened up to me because of my love of comic books and dressing up as my favorite characters at comic cons. I’m really enjoying playing some kick ass females who are powerful and confident. I’d love to do a really gruesome horror film once. Something body and crazy. If there’s one thing people don’t necessarily know about me is that I love to get messy. I’m not one of those girls that backs away from it. I’m always the type to say ‘bring it on’!

Maurice: How was Jennifer Garner’s 5th Annual Thirst Gala, in partnership with Skylo and Relativity’s “Earth to Echo” event last June 24, 2014 at The Beverly Hilton? Which red carpet was your favorite?
Maitland W: I always feel super glamorous when I wear Sue Wong, and at the Thirst Gala I wore a floor length cobalt gown that I loved. There was also a pale pink gown with feathers I wore to one of her fashion shows that I absolutely loved. I do like to take risks with fashion, but…

I also love being old Hollywood glamorous.

I’m a chameleon.

Maurice S: LA FASHION JUDGE Wishes you the best Maitland and thank you for gracing our August Cover issue!

Marina BerBeryan and Maitland Ward. Photo / Nelson Shen

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