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Amal Clooney Gives The Best Response When Asked About Her Wardrobe Details As She Represents Armenia in Human Rights Trial for the Genocide.

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The highly respected human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney, not only criticized Turkey’s double standard on freedom of expression for defending a Turkish Leftosts who described the Armenian genocide an “international lie ” but she has also has been combating her image whether she is on the red carpet with her husband George Clooney or jetsetting her casual street style look.

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While recently working on an Armenian genocide case, the 36-year-old lawyer, Amal Clooney was asked what she was wearing by The Telegraph reporter and she gave the best response. As Clooney pointed to her legal robes she laughed and responded, “I’m wearing Ede and Ravenscroft“.

As much as we respect Clooney for her impeccable style, we respect her a whole lot more for her impressive and important career. Hopefully, she wins the Armenian genocide case.

What do you think of Amal Clooney’s response when asked in court what she was wearing? Tell us in the comments below. Would love to read your thoughts.

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