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Am I Addicted To My Phone? | Mind and Soul

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Am I Addicted To My Phone?

Article by Dr Regine Muradian

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Nowadays we all are tied to this little device that if left home or lost we suddenly panic! I challenge you to the following which will increase your time with friends, increase communication with your children and in your relationships.

  1. When you are driving practice placing your phone away so you are not tempted on checking it or texting. It can wait! Be mindful that as a parent we are role models to our children. If they see you on the phone most likely they will too while driving.
  2. We are all social media lovers! It is great to keep up to date with friends but sometimes it can take over our lives. As what started as a quick minute view turns into hours wasted where you could have done something productive. Challenge your self to check social media either once in the morning or once at night
  3. Try to not use your phone or check social media when around your children or teens. Keep that time sacred and ask them what was a positive and/or negative aspect of their day.
  4. Lastly, practice telling your children, yourself and your spouse to have no devices while eating.

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